warm edge spacer
warm-edge insulating glass spacer  
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  warm edge spacer Chuang Li Lai Co.LTD--Product introduction--Introduction of Jinyu single-componenthot melt adhesive for insulating glass

warm edge spacer
Chuanglilai Compound sealing spacer warm-edge insulating glass spacer

warm-edge insulating glass spacer


■Introduction of Chuanglilai® compound sealing spacer for IG warm-edge insulating glass spacer


    We manufactured Chuanglilai® compound Insulating spacer through 5 years’ research on our own. We made a big amount of improvement and innovation on this product. This product fills up the blank of our country; its quality reaches to the international level. It keeps the strong points and overcomes the shortages of the traditional sealing spacer. The quality goes up a lot. It has become a big progress in the manufacture of warm-edge insulating glass spacer.
Highlights of Chuanglilai® compound Insulating spacer:
1. The support strength between glasses: The height of the wave aluminum upgrade from the original 1.8mm to 4.8mm, the Anti-pressure is much excellent than before, and with macromolecule plastic, the distortion problem can be improved by warm edge spacer.
2. Big advancement in Moisture absorption: Big contents of desiccant in the inner side of spacer increase the ability of absorbing moisture.
3. Tensile Strength: The framework of the traditional sealing spacer is only aluminum strip. But the Chuanglilai spacer’s is composed by aluminum strip, plastic strip and aluminum foil. Now the tensile strength is much higher than the traditional spacers.
4. Pack in vacuum aluminum foil, with humidity card inside: We pack our products in the vacuum aluminum foil bag, and put a humidity card inside; warm edge spacer will show the absorption ability of moisture of the spacer.
5. Two-way Usage:
    You can use the warm-edge insulating glass spacers separately;
    You can spread single-component HMB or Polysulfide adhesive on the outside of the warm-edge insulating glass spacer, to enhance its structure.
6. Unique manufacture method makes good endurance ability in weathers or humidity.

(warm edge spacer--warm-edge insulating glass spacer)

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